Beradrome is inspired by the Solidly system, sharing some similarities and differences in how they handle liquidity provision, rewards, and token emissions.




Primary Token



Voting Token



Incentive Token


oBERO (Call option on BERO, strike price = floor price, no expiration)

Vote Escrow Lock

Fixed lock (4 years)

1 week unlock period

Assets Belong To

Solidly AMM

Any yield bearing asset can be integrated

Primary Token Liquidity


Token-owned Liquidity: Bonding Curve

Voting Token Revenue

SOLID: locked (ve33 rebase) Voter Rewards: swap fees

oBERO: unlocked (20% of emissions) Voter Rewards: swap fees, yield, interest, etc. Swap Fees: BERO + iBGT from bonding curve swap fees

Floor Price



Borrow against Voting Token


Borrow at floor price, no liquidation

Solidly is designed to support its own AMM LP tokens, with revenue primarily derived from swap fees. The system concentrates on incentivizing swap fee generation, and veSOLID holders who vote for specific gauges earn those swap fees. On the other hand, Beradrome is an inclusive version of the Solidly system, capable of supporting any yield-bearing asset. This allows for various revenue streams, such as token emissions, swap fees, interest, or even game revenue. Beradromeโ€™s flexibility and adaptability to different AMM LP tokens and yield types make it a versatile system catering to a wider range of DeFi use cases and strategies. Additionally, it can remain competitive as new technology emerges.

Beradrome also introduces a unique bonding curve mechanism that enables call option emissions and offers several innovative features. These include Token-owned Liquidity (ToL), single-sided liquidity provisions (eliminating impermanent loss), deep liquidity and low slippage at inception, an immutable floor price at 1 BGT/BERO, and borrowing against hiBERO without the risk of liquidation.

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