What is Beradrome?

Beradrome allows protocols to build deeper liquidity for less

Beradrome is Berachain’s native restaking & liquidity marketplace, enabling ecosystem projects to build deeper liquidity for less, liquidation free iBGT loans and a flywheel boosted by its Berachain validator set. The platform introduces an innovative token structure, encompassing BERO, hiBERO, and oBERO tokens, each presenting users with diverse advantages and motivations. The supply of BERO tokens is algorithmically controlled via a bonding curve mechanism, ensuring a stable foundation for BERO tokens while providing liquidity at market-driven rates.

Key Features: An all-encompassing Solidly System with a fresh token configuration. Extension points to seamlessly incorporate any yield-generating asset into the ecosystem. BERO, equivalent to Solidity’s SOLID and Toupée Tech’s BERO, is disbursed through the Beradrome Bonding Curve, consistently backed by BGT, and its price maintains a level of ≥ 1 BGT/BERO. hiBERO, analogous to veSOLID and hiBERO, involves staking BERO to acquire hiBERO. The previous 4-year locking mechanism is removed. - Staking is only in effect during active voting periods, and resetting votes to 0 enables withdrawal back to BERO – hiBERO serves as the governing power token - oBERO: Functions as a call option for BERO at the designated base price (1 BGT/BERO). These are issued to gauges as incentives for liquidity, dependent on hiBERO votes. hiBERO garners swap fees from the Beradrome Bonding Curve, accrues oBERO, and collects voting fees from endorsed gauges.

- Leverage borrowing against hiBERO without concerns of interest or liquidation risks.

- 1 BERO consistently allows borrowing up to the value of 1 BGT.

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