Being a hiBERO Holder

The hiBERO token serves as the governing and voting asset within the ecosystem, endowing hiBERO holders with the authority to shape the allocation of oBERO emissions. Through this prerogative, they gain the ability to: a) Acquire the swap fees corresponding to the gauge for which they are casting their vote. b) Obtain bribes that might be offered. c) Participate in crucial deliberations and decisions regarding the protocol. d) Anticipate forthcoming surprise $oBERO airdrops, including an exclusive airdrop for initial week hiBERO holders.

A notable advantage of hiBERO is its unlockable nature within just one week. In contrast to other Solidly/Velodrome models, this characteristic introduces essential liquidity to the hiBERO token.

Furthermore, a distinct and remarkable benefit of hiBERO is its capacity to enable borrowing with no liquidation risk. Given the bonding curve's assurance that each circulating BERO is always backed by at least 1 BGT, holders of hiBERO can securely borrow up to 1 BGT against each hiBERO staked. This borrowing mechanism eliminates the risk of liquidation since the borrowed BGT's value is consistently supported by BERO tokens.

To obtain hiBERO, users can engage in the process of locking their BERO tokens into hiBERO. This locking process, as previously noted, involves a one-week waiting period for unlocking.

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