What Beradrome Aims to Solve

Beradrome directly rewards actions correlated with the ecosystem's growth

Beradrome endeavors to enhance the Solidly model by introducing pivotal innovations that offer:

Adaptability: Through the integration of plugins, support for gauges involving any yield-generating asset becomes possible. This liberates Beradrome from dependency on any singular AMM technology, safeguarding against potential obsolescence. Furthermore, this expansion opens avenues for ecosystem incentives beyond the realm of DeFi, encompassing domains like web3 gaming and public goods.

Stability: The establishment of an unalterable price floor for the primary token (BERO), grants DAOs that accumulate voting power the ability to assess their risk with a firm confidence in the token's minimum value.

Flexibility: The era of protracted lockups for tokens secured in voting is concluded. Participants with voting power experience locked positions solely during active use, with the option to initiate a one-week unlocking phase. This empowers them to free their vote-escrowed tokens and depart the system.

Sustainability: The issuance of call options to gauges introduces a balanced incentive system. Those engaging must also contribute.

Liquidity: The bonding curve introduces a novel concept of Token-owned Liquidity (ToL), ushering in substantial liquidity and minimal slippage across the full spectrum of possible price points. This encompasses borrowing against tokens in vote escrow without liquidation risk, providing liquidity from a single side (eliminating impermanent loss), and establishing an immutable price floor for the primary token.

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