Being an oBERO Holder

The oBERO token stands as one of the most prominent distinctions of Beradrome when juxtaposed with Solidly/Velodrome. oBERO serves as the token allocated to Liquidity Providers (LPs) for contributing liquidity, and concurrently functions as the call option for $BERO. Those users embodying the role of LPs, and in turn receiving oBERO, are presented with the following opportunities: a) They can exercise their call option tied to $BERO, thereby acquiring it at the established floor price. b) Alternatively, they can choose to forgo their privilege of purchasing $BERO at the floor price. In doing so, they can opt to burn their oBERO tokens and, in exchange, receive 'Voting Power' that is locked indefinitely. Voting Power cannot be borrowed against.

For an in-depth understanding of the oBERO token and the mechanics of redeeming $BERO at the floor price through the bonding curve, please refer to the "Beradrome Bonding Curve" section for comprehensive information.

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