The Tour de Berance NFT is a collection of 6,900 unique beras on bikes racing for liquidity on Arbitrum. Tour de Berance NFTs will offer unique utility on Beradrome on Berachain.

All Beradrome Tour de Berance NFTs are distributed through the Gumball Protocol on Arbitrum. NFTs can be purchased through the bonding curve by acquiring the $DROM token on the exchange page of Gumball protocol, followed by using 1 $DROM token per 1 NFT. NFTs can be returned to the Gumball machine 1:1 with a 10% fee to prevent re-rolling for rarer / legendary NFTs. All NFTs can be staked to receive real yield from collection fees and even borrowed against at no risk of liquidation.


Tour de Berance NFTs will offer unique utility in the Berachain ecosystem, amongst them

  1. Increased voting power over emissions on Beradrome through increased hiBERO allocation to NFT holders

  2. Exclusive access to events in the Berachain ecosystem

  3. Use your NFT in our Beradrome video game

  4. Much more TBA

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