Liqudity Trifecta

The liquidity trifecta is a novel approach by Beradrome, Yeet and Kodiak to enable deep liquidity for Berachain projects.

The liquidity trifecta enables certain project gauges to earn a plethora of Berachain ecosystem tokens by making use of Beradrome, Yeet & Kodiak. The below examples illustrates how the BERA-YEET Kodiak LP, when restaked into Beradrome earns the following rewards:

  • LPs earn oBERO that can be compounded into hiBERO to vote for more emissions or exercised and sold, $KDK & xKDK as well as 50% of swap fees

  • Voters earn: $BERA (from Beradrome validator) $iBGT (from Beradrome swap/borrow fees & Beradrome validator) $YEET (bribes from Yeet & Beradrome team)

More bribes incentivize voters, votes create more emissions to the gauge, which incentivizes LPs to deposit for higher APRs.

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